How to prep for your Sunless Spray Tan

  • Shower/ bath the night before or day of your tanning session

  • It is best if you exfoliate your body with a body scrub, loofah or                                                                                                                                exfoliating glove ...we also sell these items for your convenience

  • Shave if needed

  • It is best to wear dark, loose clothes for your tanning session

  • You may wear whatever you like for the tan, most customers

      wear bottoms

  • Do not put lotion, body oil or deodorant on the day of your tan

  • It is best not to wear makeup but not essential
  • ​No exercise, sweating, doing dishes or getting your skin wet

      for 8 to 12 hours...these activities can cause  the tan to drip or 

      wash off.
  • The topical color may rub off on your clothes or bed sheets but

      washes out... just be careful with special fabrics and unique

      bathing suits​.
  • Last but not least have fun and enjoy your Tanning Session!!​


Full Body - $25.00

​Half Body - $15.00

Legs only - $12.00 

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